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How To Calm Angry Clients And Convince Them To Keep Patronising Your Goods/Services

How To Calm Angry Clients:

There’s a popular saying – ‘Customers are always right’. Even when it is obvious they are wrong, the aim is to sell your goods/service and make money so you have to try to please them.

What do you do when you have an angry client who is yelling and doesn’t what to purchase anything from you?

It could be quite difficult to percify an angry client/prospect, but here are few tips on how you can calm an angry prospect and convince him/her to patronize your goods and services.

How To Calm Angry Clients And Convince Them To Keep Patronising Your Goods/Services

How To Calm Angry Clients And Convince Them To Keep Patronising Your Goods/Services

  1. Never say “calm down”
  2. Do the listening
  3. Offer a cup of water
  4. Talk things through
  5. Give good compliments
  6. Stick through with your amazing offers
  7. Pray

In details;

1.) Never say “calm down” say “sorry” instead

Funny enough, majority tend to get more aggressive when you say “calm down”, especially when it’s been said at the wrong time.

Instead of studying the right time to say “calm down”, “sorry” works anytime anyday.

An angry client is like a zip that hold tight on your testiles, you have to do it calmly.

2.) Do the listening and let him/her do the talking

Most marketers are too forward, they can’t wait to close the deal, or at times they want to sound wise and smart, but ending up making things worst.

As a marketer, receptionist or secretary you have to be patient.

Keep listening to every bit of words your client or prospect is saying, if you are wise enough you will also know how to make him/her say yes to your deal through what you’ve heard him/her say.

Follow the rules of your prospect’s dos and don’ts. And when you are to speak, keep your voice calm, it helps them to calm easily.

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3.) Offer him/her a cup of water

It’s not about the water nor the drink, it’s the action. When someone drinks waters when angry, especially cold one, it refreshes your soul and disconnects you from what made you angry in the first place.

It’s difficult for someone to drink water and then continues with the same level of anger, it must reduce.

4.) Try talking things through

Don’t be taken for a nonentity because you want to close a deal by all means, especially when the client misunderstood you.

Try and explain your self,

For example if he/she think you didn’t give him or her enough attention, say something like…

“I’m so sorry, I never knew you would get upset, actually I was trying to give you my full attention, that’s why I had to clear my table before attending to you…so sorry about that.”

With this, you didn’t only clear yourself, you also showed yourself as a competent marketer who’s ready to give full attention to your customers. You can touch his/her heart with that few words of yours. Try this method, it has proven to be very effective.

5.) Give a good compliment

Even when people are angry, they still appreciate complients.

When a prospect/client is angry about something and you divert into complient, he/she will appreciate you, and you will get his/her attentions, which is your primary aim.

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6.) Strick through with your amazing offers

Having done all that’s above , let’s move to the next step which is closing your deal.

Give important keywords about your amazing offers in between the calming prospect and a little stir in the air.

You can say something like…”and I was about telling you about a marketing strategy which I did, that will help you generate 6 figures or more per month…”

‘Generating 6 figures or more per month’ is the keyword here, this is what force the stubborn anger to die.

Yes! Even an agry man wants to make 6 figure per month, that’s why he will keep calm and ask “what did you just say?..” or “as for that 6 figure, tell me more..”

7.) Pray

As much as any of the above tips work, I still recommend you to pray.

The heart of kings is in God’s hands, He can make Him happy in a twickle of an eye.

Instead of saying much words, pray with your heart (without even moving your mouth) and watch God perform wonders and calming them down because of your prayers.


How To Calm Angry Clients- Coming in contact with angry Clients is inevitable in business. There will always be someone out there who will for one reason or the other get angry at the methods you use, service you render or products you sell.

You can close a business deal with an angry prospect or retain your clients if you follow the above tips, nevertheless this you can add yours in the comment box below.


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